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The DV-1 Wireless Digital Viewer mounts on eyeglasses or safety eyewear and provides a monocular color quarter VGA image with digital quality.

Weighing a mere 28 grams, the DV-1 is comfortable to wear, has a quick mount and dismount system so that it can be easily attached and detached from the eyewear. The focus for the DV-1 is pre-set to 2 meters.

The pixel format of the DV-1 is 320 columns by 240 rows (landscape), and the color depth is 12 bit (4,096 colors). The DV-1 displays bitmap graphics and text. The two modes can be overlaid. Communication between DV-1 and other devices is achieved by establishing a linkage using MicroOptical MOBILS? protocol and Bluetooth? Wireless Technology.

A compact battery is integrated in a lightweight, sleek system that is easily clipped to a belt or carried in a pocket. Operating time on a single charge is approximately 6 hours at a sustained full brightness setting.

The DV-1 Wireless Digital Viewer includes the following accessories: a Software Development Guide and tools CD, UVEX safety eyewear, mounting kit for use with alternative eyewear, 450mW removable Li-ion compact battery and charger, optical cloth, user's manual and a carrying case. The OEM single unit price of the DV-1 viewer is $8,000.

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Video Production Demo30 second Demo of our CV-1 Video Viewer

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