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The AV-1 Serial Data Viewer mounts on eyeglasses or safety eyewear and provides a monocular monochrome quarter-VGA image. Performing like a VT52 terminal, this viewer integrates eyewear with a compact electronics module to present ASCII character-based information received from an RS232 serial link. The ultra lightweight design (28 g) of the viewer makes it comfortable to wear. The AV-1 is only available as either a left eye or right eye viewer (factory set, not field changeable). The focus of the AV-1 is fixed at approximately 2 meters and is not user-changeable.

The AV-1 provides convenient controls for adjusting the contrast and brightness of the image. The miniature controls and battery system are integrated in a lightweight, sleek system that is easily clipped to a belt or carried in a pocket. The AV-1 operates from two AAA batteries.

The pixel format of the AV-1 is 320 columns by 240 rows at 30 Hz. The AV-1 is compatible with RS 232 through a standard DB-9 female connector.

The AV-1 Serial Data Viewer includes the following accessories: Conventional nonprescription eyewear, mounting kit for use with alternative eyewear, optical cloth, demo software and support CD and user's manual. The AV-1 is only available to qualified OEM accounts. The OEM price for the AV-1 viewer is $8,000.

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Video Production Demo30 second Demo of our CV-1 Video Viewer

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