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Customers require a complete product. In order to satisfy many end users, MicroOptical's eyewear viewers can be bundled or integrated with other products. MicroOptical will work with interested partners to develop a solution for the end user that works right out of the box.

Why work with MicroOptical?

The MicroOptical Corporation's eyewear systems can add value to existing and future products by providing lightweight, portable, and ergonomic viewing. MicroOptical viewers augment standard flat panel displays on instrumentation, cameras, communication equipment, and computers.

Key advantages of MicroOptical viewers:

  • Hands-free - no need to hold a flat panel display

  • Private - viewed only by the user

  • Sunlight readable - works outdoors in bright light

  • Portable - small, easy to carry, highly ergonomic

  • Hand-eye Axis - provides an oriented image, no need to look away from work

  • Stereo/3D - Binocular version can be provided with separate left and right inputs

  • Miniature Interface Electronics - low power consumption, low weight, and low volume.

MicroOptical has two OEM programs. OEM Business Partners can take advantage of well-developed product-ready viewers that are plug-and-play with current video interface technology (composite video, RGB). OEM Integration Partners benefit from a strong technology base capable of delivering advanced imaging and interfaces.

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MicroOptical has two series of monocular products that are available for immediate OEM integration:

  • The Video Viewer Series, which accepts composite video input. Pixel formats are 320x240 or 640x480, monochrome (RS170) or color (NTSC or PAL).

  • The VGA Viewer Series, which accept an RGB (VGA) signal and provide a 640x480 pixel format.

Contact us to discuss whether our technology can solve your imaging challenge.

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MicroOptical's base technology enables highly miniature and sophisticated viewers including binocular viewers and wireless eyewear solutions. OEM developer kits are available to explore the use of these technologies by potential business partners. The BV-1 and BV-3 binocular viewer developer kits can be supplied with mono or stereo video/vga input, and with or without audio. Capable of stereoscopic (3-D) viewing, the BV series is suitable for longtime viewing of video-based or graphics-based content. The DV-1 Wireless Digital Viewer can display information from an electronic device equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology including PDAs, PCs and cell phones. This ?smart display? can be programmed to display application-specific information including both text and images. The DV-1 can be utilized in a wide range of applications in such areas as public safety, security, medical, inventory systems and consumer uses.

Generally, the BV and DV series devices require integration engineering and final product development to meet the needs of the end user. Additionally, MicroOptical offers the Serial Viewer Series which accept serial ASCII (RS232) or bit mapped images (RS232) which can be integrated with a modest amount of engineering.

Contact us to discuss how this advanced technology can be applied in leading edge applications.

OEM Developer Kits

This is a packaged solution for developers who would like to trial and deploy a wireless and hands-free system for mobile computing. The package consists of one MicroOptical SV-6 PC Viewer, one Dell Axim x50V PDA and an ergonomically designed wearable pouch. The wireless kit offers embedded Wi-Fi (802.11b) and Bluetooth connectivity. The user has remote access to information - anytime and anywhere - with untethered hands-free mobility. More...

Utilizing robust digital wireless technology, the DV-3 Bluetooth Viewer communicates with a wide range of intelligent electronic devices. The one-to-one connectivity of Bluetooth allows predictable wireless performance without the connectivity difficulties associated with networks. With a reception radius of 30 feet, the DV-3 is ideal for monitoring live information. With the data always in view, the user enjoys hands-free, continuous access to the information without being encumbered by a video cable. More...

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OEM Developer Kits

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