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MicroOptical has paired its SV-6 PC Viewer with Dell's Axim X50v. This combination of small, portable technology with large display capability sets a new precedent in mobile computing. This powerful package is for developers who would like to trial and deploy a WiFi, hands-free solution. The kit is a convenient way to jump-start your development effort with MicroOptical displays. It allows users to prove concept and start pilot runs in a short time frame. The package consists of one MicroOptical SV-6 PC Viewer and accessories, one Dell Axim x50V PDA, one VGA extension connector, one high capacity Lithium-ion battery and one ergonomically designed wearable pouch.

The wireless kit offers embedded Wi-Fi (802.11b) and Bluetooth connectivity. Additional features such as cellular connection, GPS navigation, RFID reader, Bar code scanner and extended memory can be easily expanded via the CF and SD slot. Software bundled with the kit include an Internet Explorer(tm) integrated browser and remote desktop service client.By using the wireless kit, the user has remote access to information - anytime and anywhere - with untethered hands-free mobility.

The SV-6 PC Viewer offers enhanced color depth of 18 bits (262,144 colors) with lightweight optics and packaging. It mounts to safety or conventional eyewear using a quick mount and dismount system. The SV-6 may also be used for left or right eye viewing and has a built-in focus mechanism. The pixel format is 640 columns by 480 rows.

The SV-6 Viewer includes the following accessories: Non-prescription eyewear, mounting kit for use with alternative eyewear, rechargeable Li ion battery, battery charger, belt-worn pouch, VGA extension cable, optical cloth, carrying case and user's manual. The OEM single unit price of the SV-6 + Dell Axim X50v kit is $2495.

View SV-6 + Dell AXIM X50V Kit specification sheet

View photograph of SV-6 PC Viewer accessories.

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