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Utilizing robust digital wireless technology, The DV-3 Bluetooth Viewer communicates with a wide range of intelligent electronic devices. The one-to-one connectivity of Bluetooth allows predictable wireless performance without the connectivity difficulties associated with networks. With a reception radius of 30 feet, the DV-3 is ideal for monitoring live information. With the data always in view, the user enjoys hands-free, continuous access to the information without being encumbered by a video cable.

The DV-3 Bluetooth Viewer mounts on eyeglasses or safety eyewear and provides a monocular VGA image with digital sharpness and quality.

Weighing a mere 28 grams, the DV-3 is comfortable to wear, has a quick mount and dismount system so that it can be easily attached and detached from the eyewear. The focus for the DV-3 is adjustable to suit each user's needs.

The format of the DV-3 viewer is VGA (640 columns by 480 rows, landscape). It presents bitmap images using up to 8 simultaneous colors on screen. The color scheme can be altered "on the fly" from a realm of 4,096 colors.

The DV-3 is intended for use with intelligent client devices that can be equipped with Bluetooth capability and can be programmed to utilize the features of the DV-3. This includes personal computers and PDAs.

MicroOptical makes available a software tool set to aid programmers in rapidly deploying the DV-3 into an application. This includes an Active-X module for VB/VBA programmers and DLL libraries for C++ / MFC programmers with some simple example applications built for Win2K, XP and Windows CE.

The DV-3 is powered by a small camcorder-style rechargeable battery pack. The receiver electronics can be worn on a small belt pouch (provided). Operating time on a single charge is over 12 hours with display continuously illuminated making the DV-3 highly suitable for many tasks in a diverse array of occupations.

The DV-3 Bluetooth Viewer includes the following accessories: users manual, UVEX safety eyewear, mounting kit for use with alternative eyewear, 12W-Hr Li-ion compact battery and charger, optical cloth, user's manual and carrying case. It is provided with a Software Development Guide and tools CD.

The OEM single unit price of the DV-3 Bluetooth Viewer is $8,000.

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