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Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Langdon
Practice: Omaha Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
Hospital: Alegent Health Immanuel Medical Center
Medical Procedures: Coronary Artery Bypass - 98% off pump (OPCAB), Valvular Repair/Replacement and Thoracic Surgery
MicroOptical Viewers: MD-6 Critical Data Viewer
Supportive Monitoring Equipment: GE Medical Systems

Cardiovascular surgery poses many challenges. One such challenge occurs when cardiovascular surgeons need to turn their gaze away from the operative field in order to check patient data on a nearby monitor. This is no longer an issue for Dr. Thomas Langdon, a busy cardiovascular surgeon, who performs approximately 260 cardiac procedures a year.

?I continually monitor the patient?s EKG traces, systemic blood pressure, pulmonary artery pressure, central venous pressure, core body temperature and SPO2. MicroOptical?s MD-6 Critical Data Viewer displays the patient?s vitals right before my eyes ? without obstructing my natural field of vision. Viewing these vitals in real-time without having to look away at a monitor benefits me immensely. The viewer allows me to keep my concentration on the operative field.?

A pioneering surgeon who stays at the forefront of new techniques and equipment, Dr. Langdon states that the MD-6 is easy to use and simple to attach to his surgical glasses. ?I check the patient?s vital signs at a frequency that depends on the given circumstances and the stage of the operation. For example, while manipulating and lifting the patient?s heart, I could be checking them 20 to 30 times per minute. Over the course of a four or five hour operation, that adds up to a significant amount of time. The MD-6 significantly improves my efficiency ? allowing me to focus on the patient and the procedure.?

?With increasing demands on hospital personnel for quality care and with our OR costs at thousands of dollars per hour, we are a very efficiency-oriented group. Any product that helps lower operating time could provide the hospital significant savings.?

Pleased with its performance and the advantages that the MD-6 provides, Dr. Langdon continually informs other clinicians about MicroOptical viewers. An advocate for MicroOptical?s technology, he states, ?I believe the viewer provides the next step in technology for the operative field and will revolutionize the way we do complex surgery.?

MD-6 Critical Data Viewer

View MD-6 Critical Data Viewer specification sheet (PDF)

MD-6 Case Study: Omaha Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery (PDF)


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MD-6 Critical Data Viewer

MD-6 Critical Data Viewer specification sheet (PDF)

MD-6 Case Study: Omaha Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery (PDF)

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