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Working in conjunction with patient-monitoring equipment, the MD-6 Critical Data Viewer displays vital signs, cath lab images, image guidance data or other critical data in a crisp floating image right before clinicians? eyes ? allowing them to focus on the patient and operative field.

Without obstructing your natural field of vision, the viewer duplicates the live display of your monitor as a floating image positioned a few feet in front of you ? displaying vitals in real-time. By keeping both patient and critical data in your hand-eye axis, the viewer allows you to view vital signs repeatedly without having to look away at the primary monitor. Connect to two VGA sources and view two sets of critical data, such as vital signs and cath lab images or image guidance data and scanned xrays, and alternate between data sets. Compact, lightweight and comfortable, it easily attaches to surgical or prescription eyewear using a quick mount and dismount system.

The MD-6 may also be used for left or right eye viewing and has a built-in focus mechanism. The viewer is compatible with most patient-monitoring equipment.

The MD-6 Critical Data Viewer includes the following accessories: Uvex safety eyewear (surgical loupes not included), mounting kit for use with alternative eyewear, 2 rechargeable Li ion batteries, battery charger, belt-worn pouch, 25? VGA extension cable, 2 VGA port adapters, optical cloth, optional eye shades, screwdriver, Croakie, velour pouch, carrying case and user's manual. Contact MicroOptical for pricing and nearest authorized reseller.

View MD-6 Critical Data Viewer specification sheet (PDF)

View photograph of MD-6 Critical Data Viewer accessories

FDA registered, the MD-6 Critical Data Viewer is certified to meet the highest standards


View the MD-6 Critical Data Viewer in use during neurosurgery
(Windows Media file)

Watch Vanderbilt anesthesiologists use the MD-6 to monitor 4 ORs.
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MD-6 Critical Data Viewer specification sheet (PDF)

R2x2 VGA Router
Specifications (PDF)

MD-6 Case Study:
Surgical Neurology Associates
Framingham, MA (PDF)

MD-6 Case Study: Omaha Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery

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