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June 2003

MicroOptical Announces Eyewear-Mounted WiFi Display For Mobile PCs

Westwood, Massachusetts, June 16 - The MicroOptical Corporation today announced the availability of its SV-6 PC Viewer, the first eyewear-mounted display specifically designed for use with mobile personal computers. The SV-6 is a small, lightweight display that provides head-up, hands-free viewing of information from tablets, laptops, wearable computers, and other mobile computing devices with a VGA output.

The SV-6 has two features that help the user take full advantage of the mobile WiFi environment. The SV-6 functions as a second monitor utilizing the Microsoft Multiple Monitors feature in Windows 2000 and XP. Users can, for instance, use the computer's primary monitor for standard information and the SV-6 for mission-critical information, which can be especially useful in untethered WiFi applications. The SV-6 will automatically format SVGA for the VGA viewer, eliminating the need to reset the resolution.

A patented combination of optics, electronics, and a microdisplay allows users to project the equivalent of a full-size screen in front of their eyes at a distance that is adjustable from 2 feet to 15 feet. The virtual image created by the SV-6 appears with minimal obstruction to vision so users can still focus on their work. The 18-bit color image is bright and usable both indoors and outdoors, further enhancing mobile WiFi Tablet PC applications, a company announcement said.

The battery-powered SV-6 PC Viewer is currently available at a price of $1995.

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