March 5, 2003 - Pocket PC City
MicroOptical Eyewear Displays Pocket PC Screen Image

MicroOptical Corporation, a vendor that specializes in eyewear viewers for the portable electronics industry, plans to showcase several mobile and wireless applications for its SV-3 solution at CTIA Wireless 2003, March 17-19 in New Orleans.

During both the Fashion in Motion wireless fashion shows and Wireless Widgets Showcase, MicroOptical said it will demonstrate how its products make on-the-go communication, computing and entertainment more practical by providing a hands-free, portable and private viewing and listening experience.

MicroOptical said it will showcase the following applications: the SV-3 eyewear diplay attached to a wearable computer; the SV-3 attached to a Pocket PC, a head-mounted display to connect directly to a PDA without a second power source. This application, also geared to the mobile work force, displays a full VGA size screen and is ideal for viewing pictures, GPS, large maps, or even surfing the Web; and the CV-1 solution attached to a video camera. This application allows the wireless transmission of video to a mobile user.

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