March 21, 2003 - Next Innovator
Microoptical & Xybernaut Partner To Create Wearable Computing Solutions For Mobile Workers

By NextInterface Staff Writer
March 21, 2003

Xybernaut’s Wearable Computer with MicroOptical’s Hands-Free, Head-Up Eyewear Viewer Provides New Levels of Situational Awareness, Productivity and Workflow

The MicroOptical Corporation, a provider of eyewear viewers for the portable electronics industry, and Xybernaut Corporation, a wearable computing solutions provider, have announced they are partnering to create wearable computing solutions that increase mobile workers’ efficiency, productivity and workflow.

MicroOptical’s SV-3 and SV-9 lightweight, highly ergonomic, eyewear viewers give users of Xybernaut’s Mobile Assistant V (MA V) full feature, rugged computer a hands-free, head-up way to view data and enhance situational awareness.

Xybernaut is selling its MA V with MicroOptical’s SV-3 for applications such as field service, maintenance and assembly that require an all-light readable VGA display with long battery life. Xybernaut now offers MicroOptical’s SV-9 with its MA V for applications such as situational awareness, streaming video and standard Windows programs that require an all-light readable VGA display with high color depth.

“This partnership makes portable computing more practical for mobile workers by giving them the impression of a free-floating monitor a few feet in front of their eyes,” said Mark Spitzer, CEO of MicroOptical. “For example, Xybernaut’s MA V combined with MicroOptical’s eyewear viewers can give workers inspecting phone lines on a utility pole the ability to easily access and view information such as diagrams and instructions without looking away or leaving their work to check a monitor.”

“The fact we have already recorded some initial sales of this new solution is most encouraging, as is the continued growth of wearable computing in both the commercial and military markets,” said Edward G. Newman, CEO of Xybernaut. “This combined solution opens new areas of opportunity for mobile workers and others who need hands-free access to data and communications in business, homeland security and the military.”

The solution is now available directly from Xybernaut and through Team Xybernaut -- the company's community of more than 100 value added resellers (VARs) and systems integrators. Pricing for Xybernaut’s wearable computer varies depending on the configuration and accessory options chosen by the customer. Specific pricing details and price quotes can be obtained directly from Xybernaut by calling toll-free 1-888-992-3777.

The MicroOptical Corporation is a privately held company based in Westwood, Mass. Its patented and proprietary technology is revolutionizing the world of portable eyewear viewers. MicroOptical’s products take the output signal from ordinary electronic devices and project images through proprietary technology. Comfortable and compact, the eyewear viewers represent a breakthrough in ergonomics over conventional head-mounted display technology and offer a hands-free, head-up way to view portable industrial devices such as endoscopes, flaw detectors oscilloscopes, IR cameras, and consumer devices such as cell phones, PDAs and wearable computers. MicroOptical’s products have applications in the consumer electronics, law enforcement, medical, military, security, test and measurement, video production, and wearable computing industries. MicroOptical also has a strategic alliance with worldwide ophthalmic leader, Essilor International, to deliver images through true ophthalmic eyewear devices. MicroOptical has won awards and received recognition from Fast Company, e-inSITE, Newsweek, Popular Science, the Society of Information Display and Test & Measurement World. For more information, visit

Xybernaut Corporation is an established provider of wearable/mobile computing hardware, software and services, bringing communications and full-function computing power in a hands-free design to people when and where they need it. Headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, Xybernaut has offices and subsidiaries in Europe (Germany) and Asia (Japan). Xybernaut's Web site is at

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