May 19, 2003 - B2Eyes

Microoptical: le immagini del Pc negli occhiali

E' stato presentato un visore che applicato agli occhiali permette di vedere le immagini di un Pda o di un Pc trasmesse attraverso la tecnologia Bluetooth

Il Dv-1 Digtal Viewer sara' disponibile come kit per gli sviluppatori il prossimo mese. La soluzione include un protocollo per la trasmissione delle immagini, un drive che installato sul Pda o sul Pc converte le immagini in un formato compatibile con il visore Dv-1, il quale a sua volta proietta le immagini attraverso un display a colori.


DV-1ä Digital Viewer Enables
Wireless, Hands-free and Head-up Viewing of Electronic Devices

WESTWOOD, Mass. - May 19, 2003 - The MicroOptical Corporation, the leader in eyewear viewers for the portable electronics industry, will demonstrate its DV-1ä Digital Viewer, a color eyewear system featuring Bluetooth(tm) wireless technology, May 20-22 in booth 645 at the Society for Information Display Conference in Baltimore, Md. The DV-1 viewer, which will be available to application providers and systems integrators in mid-June as a developer's kit, offers wireless, hands-free and head-up viewing of electronic devices.

"The DV-1 viewer is MicroOptical's first digital wireless eyewear viewer," said Mark Spitzer, CEO of MicroOptical. "The 12-bit qVGA color display, which is capable of handling both bit map and text input shows images from compatible PDAs and PCs via Bluetooth short-range wireless specification. Our developer's kit will allow the development community to evaluate the technology and create business and consumer applications that require mobility, situational awareness and privacy, such as public safety, inventory management and medical data viewing, all with the user un-tethered from the image source."

Bluetooth wireless technology is revolutionizing the personal connectivity market by providing freedom from wired connections and enabling links between mobile computers, mobile phones and portable handheld devices. The MicroOptical developer's kit includes a protocol for transmitting images over a Bluetooth serial link. A driver is used in the transmitting device to send the serialized image to the DV-1 viewer, which in turn receives the output signal from the Bluetooth-enabled electronic device and projects images through a patented optical system that allows the user to maintain natural vision and awareness of the environment. The monocular viewer, which clips on to either side of eyeglasses, gives the user the impression of a free-floating monitor. The DV-1 viewer is battery powered and readable in all lighting conditions.

About MicroOptical
The MicroOptical Corporation is a privately held company based in Westwood, Mass. Its patented and proprietary technology is revolutionizing the world of portable eyewear viewers. MicroOptical's products take the output signal from ordinary electronic devices and project images through proprietary technology. Comfortable and compact, the eyewear viewers represent a breakthrough in ergonomics over conventional head-mounted display technology and offer a hands-free, head-up way to view portable industrial devices such as endoscopes, flaw detectors oscilloscopes, IR cameras, and consumer devices such as cell phones, PDAs and wearable computers. MicroOptical's products have applications in the consumer electronics, law enforcement, medical, military, security, test and measurement, video production, and wearable computing industries. MicroOptical also has a strategic alliance with worldwide ophthalmic leader, Essilor International, to deliver images through true ophthalmic eyewear devices. For more information, visit

Bluetooth is a trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and is used by The MicroOptical Corporation under license. DV-1 is a trademark of The MicroOptical Corporation.

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