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November, 2002
"MicroOptical Releases Instrument Viewer Modules"

November 1, 2002
"Wearable Tech"

of Ohio State University
October 31, 2002
" Lenses make Web asccessible: OSU professor testing Internet eyewear; glasses allow greater mobility"

October 30, 2002
"Big Vision for Small Display"

October 30, 2002
"MicroOptical Appoints Bruce Lampert as VP of Sales"

October 25, 2002
"The Bionic Future: Light Headed"

October 22, 2002
"High Tech Glasses"
EDN Access
October 17, 2002
"$995 VGA Display Clips Onto Eyeglass Frame"

October 10, 2002
"MicroOptical Integrates VGA Display Into Conventional Eyeglasses"
Planet EE
October 9, 2002
"The Future of Displays May Reside in Projection: Next Generation Wireless Applications are Prompting Birth of New Displays and the Evolution of Existing Technology"

October 7, 2002
"MicroOptical to Demonstrate VGA Display System"

October, 2002
"Get Another Set of Eyes"

October - December, 2002
"Pervasive Mobile Computing"

October 1, 2002
"Eyeglass-Mounted Instrument Viewer for Test and Measurement"
October, 2002
"The Desktop GUI: Time for a Change?"


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