How to Have a No Regret Life

If you want to try and have a life with no regrets, here are some simple systems I use for great financial, convenience and safety benefits.

I save money and frustration because I don’t lose things as often. Quite often you’re talking to someone, finish the chat and then you leave something behind. I never leave a place; a table, a desk – anywhere I’ve been sitting or standing – without a quick look around me. I always ask – what have I left behind? It also helps to give a quick glance back as you walk away.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? It is but few people remember to do this. How many times have you heard someone complain about having lost their sunglasses ($30), pen ($3), handbag ($50), book ($20), glasses ($100), purse ($$$) car keys and so on? Probably a five second look would have been enough to retrieve the goods. This would have saved them the embarrassment of running back to find the item as well as maintaining their peace of mind. It’s a good idea to reduce your conversation and just concentrate as you depart.

Preparation is another thing to reduce regret. We’re so short on time that we can become a little frantic and desperate to get a job started. We don’t look at the ‘big picture’ anymore. We need to pause and plan out the steps. Try to pause a while before starting anything new, that way you’ll make less errors. We all live so closely knit these days in medium and high density housing it’s easy to bother our neighbors with noise and stress. We should ensure our activities don’t damage anything around us which may belong to others. It may be that someone else’s car is damaged while playing ball games in our courtyard.

Another area of regret is in terms of safety. Before you climb a step ladder take a look at where you’re likely to if you happen to fall. If it’s onto a metal pipe or a large stone pot you’ll be in trouble, so move it. Even though we’re not anticipating a fall, people frequently fall from ladders, for example, so look ahead for dangers.

Be optimistic by all means, but assume things will sometimes go wrong. Be prepared when they do. We all have regrets, but often they can be avoided with a little forward thinking. Weigh things up and develop good ‘pause, look and plan’ habits. You’ll find regret is almost a thing of the past! Aim to think ahead for a no regret life.

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